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February 3rd, 2010 @ 09:02 pm
Can't stop throwing up.  
I seem have to caught a stomach bug that is going around that causes me to vomit every half an hour. It got so bad Bink had to tell me to call in sick tomorrow. I just hate doing that knowing we have no subs. This is only causing half my stress. The wedding is causing the other half. I'm trying to wrap everything up together into a nice package and it's not coming together as neatly as I would like. Even ordering our wedding bands is proving to be a problem as we don't live in the states, and although I can PAY for the rings, and they are TINY, they say they can't ship one of them to my address, but the other one... suuure, that's fine.


Thats what it looks like in a size 8, so I don't know what it will look like in a size 24 but hey, one can hope it at least looks nice. Everyone told me not to stress over the size and even the girl was saying "its a prom size so it's sized differently." but this is my wedding dress so of course this made me a tad depressed.


that is what it looks like on a young slim thing. But when I tried it on in this hiddeous purple mess my mom and aunt almost cried saying that the cut was perfect and tried to tell me I had no vision. So I tried on a dress that fit properly and held the white one up over top as to give it a more realistic feel and completely agreed it was the best choice, as it had no train which is what I wanted. I'm just nervous waiting for it to come in.
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