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January 25th, 2010 @ 10:57 pm
Je suis une pizza, avec du fromage....  
So I must say for all my not writing in the journal, so much has happened in the last few days. First off, Bink and I have bumped the wedding up to THIS YEAR. After a long and drawn out discussion after I lost it on him for the zillionth time for not even paying attention or listening to me about wedding stuff, he admitted he wanted a smaller standing ceremony with the possiblity of going out to supper afterwards or having a barbeque. The thing about going out to supper though is we don't know how to word it or explain we want people to come celebrate our marriage with us, however we're not able to pay for their meal. At this point, my mom is paying for my dress and everything else seems to have come to roughly 500 dollars, which is way more realistic for us than 5000. Plus it's still going to be the 13th so it's a Thursday this year and there will most likely be people who will not be able to make it and we're alright with that. We know how last minute this now has become and therefore we're just trying to keep it casual. Then all of a sudden this tiny standing room only 8 people ceremony has already ballooned into an 18 person ceremony. I keep telling people that if they really want to stand and watch then by all means, but I'm not renting chairs or going to make it fancy when it was meant to be small.

Then my best friends apartment flooded and now she's moving into the room that time forgot. Which means that Bink and I have been cleaning and packing things away all night. I'm so tired and stressed and she's so tired and stressed and we're all just trying to make things work. I called the bridal boutique in Kelowna today because everyone keeps telling me I can't possibly purchase a dress without trying one on that its TOO risky, so now I'm going to Kelowna Friday night so that I can have a fitting. The dresses online are the exact same and almost 300 dollars cheaper without tax so I'm a little stressed but my mom is paying for it and she apparently doesn't mind. I was reamed out though by the bridal assistant for "waiting way too long" where I apparently felt the need to explain that I actually had no idea I was getitng married this may until last thursday.

Basically I need sleep because everythings sort of compressing into this giant ball of stress goo. I don't want that stress goo to explode.

Yes, definitely time for bed.
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 ? Music: I am pizza - Charlotte Diamond
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